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Painted in February 2012

  • Observing the Magnificent Humpback Whale as it dives with falling water flowing from its tail must be one of nature's most marvelous of sights.
  • Here the artist has combined that Tail with a famous place on Maui, the pristine Waimoku Falls in Hana.
  • I feel as if I have just stepped back in time to a place long ago. I have just come from a very long hike up a mountainside to the top of a beautiful waterfall.  The air is crisp and clean.  The sun is just rising in the distance.  I’m listening to the water gently falling from far above as I start to notice this waterfall is actually a giant Humpback Whale Tail.  This image as if almost frozen in time has left me pondering where is all the other life?  How did I, or we get here? 
  • Looking at Tail of life takes us to an almost dream like state.  The painting beckons us to ponder within our deepest levels of consciousness how we as a people came to be of this earth.
  • Inspired by The Waterfall in the Hana Bamboo Forest.

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©Podge Elvenstar 2012

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