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“MORE REAL” is my new (EVOLVING REALISM) SERIES in Mixed Media of people, places, animals and endemic plant life around MAUI.  I've worked hard for many years creating this technique that connects us to nature and the very source that tells us we are here, we are real and human. In the art below I’m entering what appears as the molecular level to show more than what one might see on the surface of a picture.  If you look you can feel your self flowing in.  Is it a forest? is it a face? Or is it both with a feeling more like a common place?  Yet its grounded by common belief within form.  That which makes us human.  
With my SOUL PORTRAITS,  I have learned to add more emotional intent, emotional content!  I do this by bringing similar like forms within the subject matter shattering what’s commonly known in form.  Making it ELECTRIC!  This Hawaii art is like a visual question,  What's this?  It gives it that special feeling of uniqueness that has taken me 30 plus years to achieve.  Here the Hawaiian Hawks are eyes, “HAWK EYES” The primal focus of this piece.  The Axis dear a goatee.  The sun a brain, A representation of higher consciousness.  The turtles and trees shining out crystalline shaped sunlight embracing the gentle feminine fairy also pictured.  So here it is all magically rendered., mystical filled with whimsy and gratitude, “MORE REAL”. 
All imagery and words Copyright Podge Elvenstar 2021

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