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“MOON LIT PATH” Part of the Ascension series of Hana Bamboo Forest paintings from the island of Maui, Hawaii.  I started this series in 2011.

This artwork radiates with color and vibrancy taking you on a mystical journey.  You can feel the magic in the air.  A sense of myth and moonlit delight in this Hawaii fantasy art.

Artist Notes:  This art puts me in a meditative state.  Walking into the Bamboo Forest, I stopped and investigated my surroundings.  I realized it was one of those high energy places one rarely comes across in this lifetime.  I felt at peace as if I could hear the world in a glorified ohm.  I questioned if this art was a vision of a path to heaven.  This painting is great alone but seems to magnify the vibe when all Four in the series are placed together.  Moon lit Path I thought was going to be my final artwork in this series, but it has already led to another.  A birth in Moon Light.  I call the next in the series EDEN.

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