Enlightened Path / Hana's Gate / Maui Bamboo Forest

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  • Enlightened Path / Hana’s Gate Is an oil painting. this work of spiritual art takes place during the day light hours in the Maui bamboo forest.  It also most represents the actual look and feel into the bamboo forest.  It is one of three paintings in a series.

(Click here Ascension) (Click Here Moon Lit Path)


  • Painted in January 2012, this whimsical Hawaii Painting was inspired by Hana's bamboo forest and all its whimsical nature.  Created to celebrate the New Year.  The beautiful plumeria flower is abundant on Maui and within this bamboo forest it represents the sun.  I wanted to paint a picture that gives a spiritual, ethereal vibe radiating with the energy of Maui. 


  • The Story:


    • I have found myself on this beautiful wonderful island of Maui near the 7 sacred pools.  I just got done taking a swim and have been staring out at the ocean watching the waves rolling in.  Staring off into the distance I can see the sun and all the yellows and orange colors within its full radiance.  Mesmerized I turned around and see there is a path in the distance.  They're large trees and birds flying around at its entrance and flowers growing in the brush at the edge of the road.  It's very enchanting and it feels as if it is asking me to come in.  I feel almost like what I'm looking at is something you would see in the movie Avatar, except that this is real.  There are giant fern like trees in the distance and wisps of light coming through bamboo strands growing at the edge of the road. There are bugs and bees flying around in the air and a sweet smell that is very inviting.  Holding my girlfriends hand-in-hand we decided to walk into the path before us.  We can hear waterfalls falling in the distance.  An amazing journey is before us.  We start walking in and hear the sounds of crickets.  I see passion fruit in the trees.  Walking in there are valleys that look steep and treacherous.  There are waterfalls falling around this Hana River down below or stream.  This is such a surreal place.  You feel as if you're in a dream. The pathways turn and twist and the feeling of the soft earth is marvelous at your feet.  Every step feels as if it is pushing back To you.  This place makes me want to run.  It makes feel as if I am flying hovering above the ground.  It makes me feel free.  We have been walking for about a mile and a half now and picked a papaya and eaten it along the side of the path and listened to the quietness within this forest.  Yet it is loud with sounds of rushing water at the same time.  The vibe is all about love up here in this place.  You can feel it all around you like the plants are growing and you're giving back to them. You've been walking for about a mile and a half now.  It Feels like a very mystical experience.  You have the feeling as if you're in a portal looking into the light vibrating and radiating all around you. There's bamboo that has obviously been growing for many years but there's more than that.  This must be the reason I have walked up here.  I feel like I am at an entryway.  It could be Hana’s Gate or entrance.  This appears to be an Enlightened Path.  Standing still for a moment it looks as if the stones want to float up out of the soil.  Staring at the bamboo thinking figuratively it's as if each strand or Pole of these trees in this forest are radiating with an Ethereal light.  Looking forward all abound in the distance you can see light that is penetrating through all of the Bamboo.  As if this light, it is coming right into your soul.   This heavenly light shines down as if it is coming out of the sky but this same light also appears to be coming up out of the earth connecting and flowing between each other.  This light way feels as if it is a channel or portal.  Possibly a spot that would allow you to transcend upwards into heaven or to a spiritual place.   It gives me peace of mind looking and thinking about this.  It leaves me with the feeling of abundance and safety knowing that places like this exist.  It's heartwarming and loving.  A caring wonderful place to be with your lover.  A wonderful place to be here on earth. 


    • Notes and Inspiration.
    1. This Hawaii art is surreal in nature and form
    2. It is painted from the heart so that it will not appear to be like anything you have ever seen before.  It is an original oil painting done with impressionist brush stroke style but meant to be Evolving Realism.
    3. It took about three weeks to create this painting and it comes in open edition prints.
    4. You can also get this painting in several larger sizes.
    5. These are limited edition hand signed and numbered artworks.
    6. The original art is sold.
    • I can remember reading a book called the Celestine Prophecy in which there were parts in the story the plants Glowed.  I have always felt this and I remembered feeling invigorated when I heard about it in the Celestine Prophecy.  How it taught me to see this happening on a regular basis within plant lifeforms.  Other inspiration for this painting comes from my travels in Cambodia and Thailand.  I remember going to Anchor Watt and watching monks.  They're always striving to obtain peace for a enlightened state of mind.  I feel like this painting enlightened path also helps to do this.  Other teachings that inspire this painting, reading the book of Siddhartha.  I always liked the part where Siddhartha sat in the forest for a very long time contemplating all of life all of his surroundings and what us as humans actually know or believe.  I feel this bamboo forest is a peaceful place probably similar to the one that Siddhartha sat in and became the Buddha.  That's pretty marvelous I think. 
    • (This is where I got the idea to make the next Painting in the Series Ascension.)
    • copyright Podge Elvenstar 2015 






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