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Painted February 2012

24" by 24" on Linen

I awoke in a dream.  The drifting colors and varying scenery scapes make this a piece to remember.  In this Maui dream scape painting we have floating turtles in the air, people walking down stalks of plants.  If you look closely, the lizards are out and about watching the dazzling flowers, or is it the universe with stars drifting across the night sky?  The Hawaii protea flowers become galaxies.  the stars in the night sky are sea life turning into star fish.  Looking closely at the stocks holding the leaves and flowers you can find green geckos just like the ones in the yard out front of my house.  The thick oil painted brush strokes in this art give you depth and contrast.  This is another painting often referenced to Van Gogh and and one of my favorites, Marc Chagall.

You could keep your eyes on this art for more you may find.  But I, I’m going back to sleep for after all this is only a Dream In Progress. 


Notes -

The foliage and plant life is so stunningly beautiful on the Hawaiian islands how could you not want to paint it.  The bright colors and vibrant life are an inspiration to an artist to paint.  Find plants, find animals, make art.


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The Original is sold.

Copyright Podge Elvenstar 2012

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