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This symphony of myna birds has come to gather to jam and play some righteous rock music.


You have uncle Tommy Toms strumming the ukulele.  Larry Mc Squirrely plucking away on keys and Barry Myna Lope tooting and blowing on his saxophone.  While Jolly Poppers swings and sings songs of this glorious Maui sun shiny day.


It’s a magical time to be walking around listing to these fine feathered friends.

Up high jamming at the marvelous Lahaina Maui banyan tree park.

Its as if the birds have a story of every thing they have seen on this island that they must get out.

They will play their own style of music.  Raw styled myna bird rock.  As they ad a little bit of hip and squawk to their flock.


Their voices make clicks and clacks like drumming sounds.

The whole tree comes alive from one part of the park to the other down by this port of Lahaina near the sea.  Its a family sort of place. 


Walking around looking at all of this good art makes you happy.

These birds are banging, bouncing around and about. 

These Brown and black birds all come together to make noise and front clout.

The birds are having a glorious time while hanging out with roughly 5000 of their kind.

With all of their yellow beaks going Chirpily, Chirpier a chirpiest chirp.


It’s the Myna birds favorite song. We call it the golden hour.  It happens on Maui just before the sun sets. 

A near golden light glimmers down through the leaves on Tommy toms ukulele frets, as he strums up a riff for a tune. Now that the Myna birds have the music all flowing Jolly Poppers sings out!  He Makes sure to tell all the tourists what this days really about.  Too pick out and take home some beautiful Maui made art down below.

As we have some of the most beautiful works of art on Maui don't you all know?


This Lahaina Maui Banyan Tree painting is inspired by watching these playful birds.

This takes place over a couple of weekend events from having a harpist play one weekend and another musician with rock music another weekend.    

This print was created from three separate panels.  Two 11 by 14 inch panels of the Myna birds in the tree painted in oil with Bobby Joe on Harp.  One 11 by 14 inch panel in Acrylic.  Just a part of it to get the old court house and Dan Saunders playing on guitar.





Come by any Lahaina Maui Art Gallery show on weekends near the end of the day and you can here the myna birds play.

Hawaii art prints available 

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