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Inspired by the Maui spinner dolphins.  I was offshore for several hours watching the spinners swim at speed and play.  At first a dolphin here and there would come to the surface.  I noticed its dorsal fin pushing through the water creating what looked like a flower petal falling to the side in the ocean.  After a time one after the other started leaping into the air in the center of the circle the dolphins were swimming in.  A flower pistol.   A rose in the heart of the sea.  A sign we should give to the ocean as it gives to us.  I studied up on the Auau channel between Maui and Lanai to create this beautiful, mesmerizing Hawaii artwork.  the last thing i painted was the rose the dolphin is holding.  Look for mermaids and reef fish, as well as the occasional spirit playing on instruments within the lava flows and fissures.

I was blown away and amazed when "OCEAN FLOWER" sold and is hanging in a private collection in Ohio with Degas, Seurat, and Chagall’s. 


Please take a look at Limited Edition art for reproductions.

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