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Ascension –


  • Think of all the hard work you have done in this life and how some things may or may not have worked out.  That sometimes does not feel so good.  Now take all of that and step forward finding you’re self in the near future on the island of Maui in This incredible bamboo forest in Hana. This place feels really good.  The Hawaiian Islands are some 2200 miles from the mainland of the United States.  You are up in a rainforest filled with plants, animals and lots of life.  Creatures of all kinds are abounding.  You just saw a Jackson chameleon on some Maui bamboo.  Caterpillars as long as your hands have walked across the path on you’re hike up.  A butterfly almost the size of you’re head is seen in the distance on this amazing path flying by.   All of you’re hard work has paid off as you have found the path to Ascension.  After swimming in the seven sacred pools you have hiked you’re way up a mile and a half to the Sacred Hawaii bamboo forest in Hana.  Rainbow light can be seen seeping into the forest.  You can feel the abundant energy and life force in this place on the Hawaiian Islands.  It’s so great I had to turn it into a whimsical painting called Ascension.


  •      Ascension – Visionary Painting Number Two of Three in a series.

The original is 30 by 40 inch on gallery wrapped canvas.   The Original is sold but prints and limited editions are available.


  •    This work of Hawaii art is a visionary oil painting. The Chakra like bursts with vibrant color and Mystical qualities take you to an almost seemingly deferent reality or Zen like place here on earth. The original art of Ascension is filled with spiritual energy of the life in this unique Maui bamboo forest. To me the artist (Podge Elvenstar) it represents the divine or a possible stairway to heaven or possibly where we are from? On a lighter note taking it just for how it visually appears as artwork, It lights up the mind body and soul with awareness, passion and wonder. Some works of art lack the ability to do this but Ascension fulfills. Gaze into it for some time and explore. See where the mind takes you.
  •   You may envision this work of famous Maui art on your wall to meditate on perhaps at the end of your bathtub. It would be great in any sauna on infused aluminum. Or it would quite perfectly fit in a yoga studio or any place filled with plants and life. Created to leave a positive feeling. Ascension has hung on Maui art gallery walls such as Derubeis fine art of Metal and The Banyan Tree Gallery, Maui. Ascension has Appeared on the Maui Visitor Chanel 7.  This piece of art is also featured in the Art Guide Maui about Podge Elvenstar art. (Click Here for Art Guide Maui Pg23 - Pg26)


Ascension is available in smaller open edition prints 9 by 12 inch and smaller


Ascension is also available in larger limited edition Museum quality canvas pieces and infused aluminum giclee’s.


copyright Podge Elvenstar 2015 


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