"Turtles Day Out" Hawaii Mixed Media Painting of Turtles at Kaanapalii Beach

Podge Elvenstar Art

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Turtles day out


These Hawaiian green sea turtles have been swimming around out in surf all day.


They have been having a grand old time diving in and out of the reefs swimming with the fishes, the yellow tang and cleaner wrasses, the Hawaiian sergeants. These turtles eyes are designed to swim through the sand and twisting turning waves. Sometimes they will come across a manta ray and swim and play. Sometimes they'll come across an occasional reef shark or one that's really hungry and they have to dive and twist and turn about so they don't become part of the food chain. Today was a graceful day for these two green Hawaiian sea turtles for they swam and played in the Sun ray light shimmering down through the crystal blue waters. Much fun was had until they got all burnt out and tired so daddy Jeezer motioned to his son tune to swim in from the reef and relax in the sun on the sand. Both of these green sea turtles just went right on up there and laid out in the sand amongst the tourists. They were laying out on the big beach in Kaanapali, Maui.  They could see the sailboats cruising by in the distance and the humpback whales breaching.  They thought this is the life living right here in Maui.


Daddy Jeezer grabbed a big old coconut, he sliced the top off and put a straw in it and drank some fresh coconut juice sharing it with his son tune.  Boy it is hot out here Jeezer thought.  So this big turtle popped his shell off and threw it up just like an umbrella all of the tourists were using up and down the beach.  Little Man tune thought it was quite silly what daddy did as every one knows turtles can't really take their shells off. So Tune popped his shell off and decided to use it as a skim board in the shore of the surf.  What? But this is just imagination so we can do what ever we want. 



A great time was had by the big daddy green sea turtle and his son Little tune. All of the tourists packed up and went back to their hotels. And daddy Jeezer put his shell back on and so did Little tune. They swam on back out into the reef and found a great little sea cave and nestled up. The moonlight shimmered in down through the waves and little tune past daddy.  It was a great night watching the stars come out. What should we do tomorrow Tune said to Daddy Jeezer but he was already asleep.


©Podge Elvenstar 2016


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