Ocean Flower

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Ocean Flower

                                    “30 by 40” inch Oil Painting


This piece of art took over two years to conceptualize.  After spending several years watching the dolphins swim and play in between the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Lanai I finally got the inspiration needed to create my Dolphin painting.  One special day the spinner dolphins did this. Several of the spinner dolphins pods had come together. They were about 6 miles offshore from the city of Lahaina on the island of Maui in the AuAu channel. There were hundreds of them swimming around in a circular motion splashing about. I'm not sure if they were eating or we're  having a family reunion of sorts but there were more of them together than I had ever seen. The way they swim at such high-speed created what looked like the shape of flower petals on the ocean surface. Their fins cutting through the water created this vision of flower like petals on the surface of the water. A Spinner dolphin leapt from almost the center while this was happening and gave me the idea to create a big rose in the heart of the sea.  What could a rose represent in the heart of the sea you might ask?  While give that a moment and we can work together to find that out.


We were in the AuAu channel.  It is the deepest spot between the island of Maui and Lanai. This place is about 300 to 320 feet deep. I knew I was going to have to make a painting of this place. I would use my Evolving Realism style to create a rose in between the Hawaiian reefs. I started with the concept of how Maui evolved from the Ocean Floor as the lava built the islands upwards. This is where you can see in the picture the lava with all the figures of water bubbling upwards in this painting. If you look closely in the bubbling water you will see Hawaiian spirits playing drums to the flow of the lava down near the sea floor.  They are very faint but will show up more over time.  (The warm lava spots that flow out from the ocean floor help create little pockets for life and organisms to feed and grow.)


There are lots of fishes in this Hawaiian reef. (These reefs create Eco systems that contain and support life as we have come to know it on earth.  We must protect the reefs and help them thrive if we can to have a healthy ocean for many years to come). If you look around you will sea wrasses and yellow tang's. There are baby sea horses hidden in this reef with in the stem of the Rose forming from the bottom of the sea floor. You'll also find many caves and places for this sea life to live. If you keep looking I'm sure you'll notice the Mermaid swimming to the lower left. There's an octopus on her arm and she is carrying a sacred pearl as she is followed by fish friends in the reef.  As the sun sets into the ocean the mermaid swims to the top of the sea and in a ceremony of magnificent fashion every day, gently takes the sun from the sky.  This is the most marvelous of giant pearls as the mermaid has several tasks to clean and protect it. This is done in almost the same fashion of the gatherings of fish that take place to clean a turtles shell.  Lots of chosen sea life come together in magnificent fashion to polish this pearl for it must truly shine if it is to be released back to the sky and represent the moon.  For as night time starts this pearl Then becomes the moon rising from the heart of the sea.  This Sacred Pearl becomes the moon and the sun throughout the day.  If you take time to watch a sun set from Maui during certain times of the year you may get to see the sun set into what appears to be the ocean.  And if you're really lucky and you are on the North shore only during several times of the year you may see the pearl rise from the ocean as the full Moon.  This is a marvelous experience to say the least. You can see in the background of the Hawaii art all the different types of corals and pencil urchins.  The green sea turtles swimming about in the reef Playing are also a marvelous sight.


Look into the colors of the rose petals you will see the light captured from the radiating sun you can see this light radiating down through the surface of the water to the bottom of the sea floor. If you squint your eyes a little bit you can see the form of the Rose appear overall in the picture with in the painting. The sun is also designed to be an egg and appear as a representation of life that gives. The island of Lanai is in the distance of this painting.


Here we have the ocean flower radiating in all of its brilliance in this wonderful portrait of the sea of life.  It’s an important place that we know we have to protect.  I have come to know this Ocean Flower as a sea of life sometimes compared to the tree of life. With in the stem I visualize all of the sea life in this picture like a beating heart.  There is so much life here in these Hawaiian Islands we must remember to be good stewards of the sea and take care of this beautiful place in Hawaii. Ocean Flower is a symbol of all these things and the love we can have for all species on this planet.  As the ocean gives to us we must also give back to the ocean. And such is Ocean Flower.


This is one of my favorite paintings. It contains all of the abundant sea life you find that's swimming around and playing in the Hawaiian reefs off shore of Maui. It's one of the funnest places I have ever encountered in this life. The Ocean flower was created with oil paint. It took just under two months to create working 10 to 14 hours a day. 


It comes in limited editions and open addition prints the original is sold.


Take one more look for the love of the ocean.  The very last thing painted in this Visionary painting is the rose in the dolphins fins.  A gentle reminder that this love goes both ways. The love between two people. For that can be one of most loving fulfilling moments in a humans life. To realize that you have found a lifelong partner. But also take this rose as a symbol, that we must love the waters of the ocean and creatures within it. We must take all the steps necessary to protect these animals and reefs of the sea.  For that that has so openly given to us for we must respect it and this rose is a symbol of that love that needs to be.


This ocean flower painting would make a welcome addition to any home. It's vibrant glowing colors we'll radiate in your home.


Mahalo, for reading about Ocean Flower.


©Podge Elvenstar 2013


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