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“Where the Whales Go”


  • I was looking towards the island of Maui one day when a mother whale breeched beside the boat I was on.  With the whale up close and the island of Maui 9 miles away this alowed the island to line up perfectly with the back of the whale as it fell.  Hence the idea, Where the Whales Go.


  • Conceptualized in drawings in 2010 and Painted in December 2011, Where the Whales Go is an original oil painting inspired by the natural and sometimes surreal beauty of Maui. The view of the West Maui Mountains is shown from the Au'Au Channel.  This is the annual migratory destination for some 65% of the North Pacific Humpback whale population


  • This painting has become an iconic work of Maui art.  It has been featured on the Maui visitor channel 7. Maui open studios cover and books. Art guide Maui. Maui time and other publications It first appeared at art shows in Lahaina and Alaska.


  • This amazing work of Evolving Realism art forms itself with hidden shapes of the Hawaiian Island of Maui and the magnificent humpback whales that return every year to have their calves in the pristine waters just off shore. These art forms and hidden shapes make a unique puzzle, one I would like you to ponder while looking at this painting. Where the Whales Go is also an environmental work of art and statement. Please think about the importance of marine life to the land and the importance of the life on land to the sea?


  • I like to think of this painting representing a place long ago in time. Before people were in Hawaii or on the planet. It is a spiritual work of art connecting with the idea that we are all one.  That what happens to the land happens to the sea and vice versa. Let you’re mind go back to a land and ocean before cars and modern civilization.  Forget for a brief moment about what you think you know and envision a giant whale with the island of Maui on its back. The two coexist with each other for with out the island the whales would have no land to look at. No birds to watch at sea. And no where for fruits and vegetables to grow.   But it would definitely mean no sanctuary for the Humpback whales to have their young. In this modern day and times no whales would mean no whale watch tours and that would just be terrible. But more importantly they are an incredible part of the natural environment and Eco system. Scientists are learning that the whale’s fecal matter creates the right kind of plankton to feed and raise little fishes. And more fish is a great thing. Also the little fishes follow the whales around eating plankton and other small bits of food and skin from the whales and the whales provide a shady shelter for small fishes. Have you ever heard a humpback whale sing? It would be great if we could translate a whales sounds and thoughts into human words. Some times I think they may be the keepers of the ancient secrets and knowledge holders of earth. After all they have been on this planet much longer than us.  Fossils we find have shown this. Its obvious they are smart too. What do whales do? Ponder that for a moment. Just look at and think about all that the whales do? There is a nudibranch snail off the right side of the island in the painting. The Nudibranch is there to remind us to take care of the ocean. I used to see them attached to coconuts floating in the ocean. I would like to think they help clean the sea. It like you and I needs healthy water to survive and so do the Whales.  This painting in its overall grand scope means to represent life, to take care of life. How do we do this you might ask? Simply we must pay attention to our own actions of what we put on the land that can go back into the sea. If it's not good enough for you and me, it's not good enough to be in the sea!!! I can imagine myself in the valleys high above in the mountains looking out at the ocean. I can see the island moving in slow motion as the whale moves its peck fin, this creates waves in the sea. Oh how wonderful it would be to be this whale sitting in the sea observing the days of time. Watching as the sun sets into the sea and the moon rises in the sky over and over since the beginning of time. The whimsical properties of this ocean art leave the viewer quite in awe. It simply can transport you’re mind back in time. As the Whale breathes it creates the clouds. Did you know humpback whales have a spout that in reality blows up to 12 feet high and its breath moves 100 of miles an hour to make this spout. This breath from the whale’s blowhole creates the clouds with in this Hawaii artwork. Maybe a long time ago there were just a few whales that helped move the islands around?  In this piece you will find jellyfish clouds and other hidden details with in this Maui marine art.  Most of the time it is clear or sunny on some part of the island but somewhere it is usually raining. What a whimsical world we have created in this work of Environment fantasy art.


  • Just as the whales are, these mammals are truly great in all aspects. From what i have seen they are one of my favorite animals on the planet.  I’m amazed at the whale’s size growing upwards of 49 ft. As large as a small school bus at times but capable of swimming with the grace of a ballerina, a true marvel of nature these creatures are. These Whales are true stewards of the planet. Spending time with the humpback whales I am amazed at the intelligence they show.  The ability of the males to sing and carry song through one sanctuary to another is quite an outstanding feat. The capability of their feeding habits when bubble net feeding and working as a social group to obtain a meal. These Cetaceans swim through questionable seas. Think of the journey from Alaska that they endure swimming to get here some 3200 miles. That requires strength and agility to say the least let alone navigation.   Some scientists think the whales may use celestial navigation of the stars on their journey to get to Maui.   


  • The Hawaiian Islands must be a sacred place to these Humpback whales. Being here must be like taking a bath in the warm 70 plus degree waters all winter while there animal friends back home sit in frigid temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s. I would think it’s more like a party or family reunion for these great whales every year on their return to the Hawaiian Islands humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. After all it’s just a really good place to be or it is their true home? I view Hawaii as the whale’s shelter and where they travel to in the north as the dinner. Did you know that while they are on their journey from the north to here they are gone from their primary food source for an astonishing three months before returning home to eat. That’s right the whales fast on their trip. Only the babies will get nourishment from the mothers milk while in the Hawaii islands. The humpbacks loose a third of there body mass on there three month journey. Though the whales are opportunistic, if a school of fish were to come by i'm sure they might gulp them up. But then I’m not a whale for after all it’s hard to say what a whale might do and where a whale might go. Because in the end the Whales go, “Where the Whales Go”.


  • The inspiration for Where the Whales Go was visualized from spending time working for Ultimate Whale Watch as a Naturalist offshore in the federally protected Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary with the whales and their babies. If you were on island I would strongly recommend taking a whale watch trip with Ultimate Whale Watch. They are great and know what’s up with the whales.



  • Copyright Podge Elvenstar 2010, 2015



  1. 24 by 36 inch limited edition art for sale on canvas and infused aluminum
  2. 12 by 18 inch limited edition art for sale on canvas and infused aluminum
  3. open edition prints 8 by 12 inch and smaller also available


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