Maui Banyan Tree

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One cool tree.

  • How could I not be inspired to paint this Maui banyan tree?  It starts in the center of Banyan tree park.  and grows out ward over 2/3 of an acre. The sheer size of it it very impressive.  You need to see it in the morning light.  As when the sun comes up over the west Maui Mountains the light rays come piercing in through the trees branches long growing branches that grow from trunk to trunk all interconnected. The realization that It is all one tree is what seems to amaze people the most.  


  • Most trees grow with their roots straight down into the soil.  This tree grows with twists and turns.  If this one isn’t trimmed, it would grow all over town.  The branches stretch and do not stop.  They keep moving and moving until the branches pop.  They pop with a sprout or vine that grows all over, making more of a tree that keeps going and going.  When the roots hit the soil they stretch right in and create a new trunk where more of this tree can begin.  Left to grow it will grow straight up and then more branches will pop out because this tree doesn't want to stop.     


  • The banyan tree in Lahaina originated from India, planted in 1873.  I marvel at how the thousands of Myna birds flock to the banyan tree every night.  I ask myself why that is, and I learned the Myna birds also come from India. The banyan tree is a familiar resting place for them.  Look closely at this Lahaina art painting and you might find some art puzzles of Myna birds hidden in the leaves of the tree.


    • If you are interested in art Come to the Banyan tree most weekends.  I show art with L.A.C. Heui' and Lahaina Arts Society.
    • I have many Hawaii, Maui paintings and prints available at the art shows.  I generally have several paintings of trees, nature, whales and my Evolving Realism Art.
  • May be the most famous landmark in Lahaina.  The Banyan Tree was planted in 1873 by Sheriff Smith to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Missionary. The tree was brought from India, and was only 8′ high at the time of planting.  When the sun sets Thousands of Myna birds flock to sleep here.  It now has a dozen main trunks, and spreads over the better part of almost an acre.


  • This painting is 12 by 24 inches in oil paint
  • open edition prints are available
  • Limited edition prints are also available
  • ©Podge Elvenstar 2012


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