"Under the Blue Moon" Maui Pineapple Painting in Kaanapali

Podge Elvenstar Art

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“Under the Blue Moon”


A Hawaii visionary Oil Painting

16 by 20 inch canvas


Prepare to go on a timeless ride through a Hawaiian Mountain side.  On a night truly filled of pure wonder and joy within this Evolving Realism art.

Here we are invigorated by a magical mystical night shrouded in stars covered by the shimmering, glistening, phosphorescence of the ever ongoing Maui night.

We find ourselves way up above Kaanapali Shores on this small Hawaiian Island called Maui in the middle of the pacific ocean.  You can see the waves rolling in, in the distance and faintly hear the waves crashing against the shore.  A rainbow mist fills the valley below.

The air is warm and you can smell the pineapples.  After all there has just been a freshly picked pineapple harvest. The stars are out on this night glistening with a shimmery radiance as if the power of millions of stars has just dawned and shown itself on this sacred land scape.  Take in a breath of fresh air, Ahhhhh.

In the fields you can see bits of grass and pineapple tops blowing in the wind in the slight breeze.  The encompassing view before your eyes is the kind that leaves you goose bumps and all of the hair on your arms and back of the neck standing up.  There are women picking a few pineapples and dancing under the Blue moon. What visual magic I feel I am witnessing watching the sugarcane train steaming by in the distance with puffs shaped in the form of hearts like love. I can hear the Chug-a Chug-a Choo Choo of the Midnight train whistle. Cattle egrets fly within this night sky swooping through the clouds above with eyes fixated on the glowing moon. There're obviously little creatures crawling about, little mice eating cheese and Crickets playing Instruments under the grasses in the moon light. You can see chickens running around in the hillside below.  The shapes that make the pineapple in this picture have extreme detail but they may as well be chicken butts?  I always see them cruising around on this island with their heads bent over looking for their next meal. There's water coming down from the mountainside making waterfalls in the distance.  You can hear the rushing water filled with color and see blues and purple's shimmering silver and bits of yellow splashing into the depths below. A sparkly night this has become.  There is the sound of music as the Mina bird sings and play’s a ukulele.  This is a pretty sounding elegant music gentle on the ears.  You can hear the rhythm of Coconut drums filling in the beat as the masterful boy Elijah picks up the sticks and lays down the flow.  As he would say, Bam, Bam, Bam Bam. Up above the magical pages of sacred books are read telling tales and stories of old while a pineapple lights up this home.

Within this scenic masquerade there is an imaginary home within this pineapple house.  The aroma of fresh pineapple fills the air like a faint incense.  Little creatures climb about taking form in the shapes of geckos speaking in code through the night.  Click, click, Meep meep, mit, mit you can hear. You can see Hawaiian Staples in plant form.  The sugarcane and the Taro that always made the great poi foods and sweetened the meals. Remember all of this is happening while on a journey riding on the now mythical once was, sugarcane train. The colors in this painting fill your mind with vibrance, beauty and a sense of calm. There is more here than meets the eye. You can feel the energy Under the Blue Moon.  The largest in 20 years it was said to be.

Your mind is trying its best to take this all in.But Its just about that time when the star light fills your eyes and your vision slowly blurs as you gently fall off too sleep.


©PodgeElvenstar 2011, 2015

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