"Ocean Love" - Hawaii art of Sun Godess

Podge Elvenstar Art

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Ocean love is a painting of a four painting series.  The first a water and gouache mixed media painting titled Ocean Gift.  On french watercolor paper (Approximate 10 by 14 inches) The second painting is called Namaka and features a Hawaiian Demi God and the Menehune Hawaiian spirits.  24 by 30 inches Acrylic paint on canvas.   (Sold) The third painting is titled Ocean Gift and is made in airbrush and acrylic paint on canvas.  48 by 62 inches (sold) and features the sun goddess cradling a sailboat meant to be a symbol of protection.

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The Hawaiian art of “Ocean love”Original is Approximately 42 by 62 inches Airbrush and Acrylic paint (sold)


The story:


This Maui themed painting at sea contains many mystical things and whimsical elements.  It all came about from watching the sunset over the island of Lanai.  When  the sun came down and hit the island it lit up the mountain peaks and valleys of this tropical Hawaiian Island location and made the island appear for a brief minute to have shoulders and breasts and the face of a woman.   The sun  created a glimmering shimmery reflection across the sea.  It went all the way from The Au'au channel to a neighboring island of Maui.  With in this there was a reflection of a woman wearing a sunny yellow orange pink vibrant colored dress Splish splashing  about in the waves. Down below in the depths you can imagine her feet touching the inside of a giant oyster shell.  There were many fishes swimming around up above by a sailboat while sailing by in between the islands.  As the light from the sun goddess hit the boat a couple madly in love gave each other a cheers to the sunset setting.  This was a marvelous celebration for the pink and purple colors in the sky radiating with the oranges and yellows of the sun vibrating down it hit the ocean making shimmers of color piercing the sea.  This couple was embracing a reunion of sort, an enchanting moment coming together.  You can see their wine glasses touch as you can see the wine glasses in the valleys of the sun goddess.  Ocean love lasted all but a minute before the sunset behind this marvelous island.  Here it is painted for you in marvelous colors just to capture that brief moment in time.  This blessed boat sailing by in the Hawaiian Islands.  A visionary art piece of Evolving Realism.  It comes in open addition prints and limited edition art signed by the artist.  The original is sold







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